Porcelain Slabs Provide Options for the GTA Homeowner

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Marble is an opulent and awe-inspiring natural stoneware slab which is a popular choice for everything from countertops to floors and walls. However, marble is a high-maintenance surface to install in a heavy activity zone such as the kitchen, requiring a lot of care and regular application of sealant to protect against everyday spills and stains. Many customers in the Greater Toronto Area are now prioritizing low maintenance but aesthetically pleasing options over traditional natural stoneware. The increasing popularity of porcelain slabs in the GTA is due to its ability to replicate the aesthetic beauty of marble combined with the innate durability and resistance to damage which typically characterizes granite.

Sleek Sophistication

Originally introduced as three-quarter inch slab countertops, the latest versions of porcelain slabs are typically no thicker than one-third of an inch, offering incredible versatility and sleek elegance to a contemporary space. Porcelain slabs make ideal kitchen islands and can even be installed over countertops in the GTA. The lightness of the material makes it easier to transport and install in comparison to traditional granite and marble slabs. The variety of colours, finishes and sizes provides customers with enhanced options in the following areas:
  • Interior panelling
  • Interior flooring
  • Heavy duty flooring
  • Skirting

Heat, Stain and Scratch Resistant

Resilient porcelain slabs are now capable of replacing marble and granite surfaces in GTA homes with ease. While perfectly suited to heavy activity areas such as kitchens, this trendy surface adds a contemporary edge to bathrooms and living room floors without compromising on function. Innately fire and heat-resistant, porcelain slabs are available in forms that are 100% non-absorbent and scratch resistant.
Porcelain slabs alleviate many of the maintenance issues associated with natural stoneware, making discolouration and resealing a distant memory. Periodical cleaning involving washing with water or a detergent is sufficient to maintain the material’s pristine condition. A UV-resilient version even makes it ideal for rooftop kitchens and patios!
Consistency of colour and pattern are some other features which customers appreciate when choosing porcelain slabs for home renovation or upgrading. Although marble and granite are unique products, it is often difficult to match these stones with other furnishings due to the unpredictable and impossible-to-replicate nature of the stoneware, whereas, a certain colour or pattern can be exactly reproduced every time with man-made products. Customers appreciate knowing exactly what will be transported to their home after the initial choice. If you need any further persuasion, porcelain slabs are freeze and thaw resistant, hygienic and flex resistant.

Check Out a Showroom

Porcelain slabs are available to customers throughout the Greater Toronto Area to add a touch of elegance and beauty combined with amazing durability and practicality. When choosing the type of surfaces best suited to your home, it is very important to source your materials from experienced and informed suppliers. Most companies in the GTA encourage customers to tour their extensive showrooms to inspire homeowners with ideas to create the home of their dreams. Porcelain slabs promise to transform your kitchen into the centre of attention while delivering unparalleled durability and easy maintenance.